beetles and a japenese cherry tree

what can i do to rid my 4 month old japenese cherry of beetles that are eating the leaves?



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    Are the beetles Japanese beetles?  If so the link below provides many ways to get rid of the pests.  Because they are so destructive there has been a lot of research of ways to keep beetles away from your garden.  Hope this helps!

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    There are a few things that you can do to rid the tree.  Obviously you can go through in the morning and individually take the beetles off the tree and drown them.  You can also use a mixture of water and castor oil which will act as an insecticide, but it can also kill the beneficial bugs.  You could net the tree, but that would hinder its beauty.  You can use neem oil, which will act as an insecticde when you first spray it, and will also work to make the tree less appetizing to the beetles.  Finally, as a last resort you can use store bought insecticides, but it is not recommended unless you’ve tried everything else.

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