Is beer or wine better for the environment?



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    I think wine based on how people drink it. People drink beer to get wasted and often leave beer cans lying around everywheree. Additionally, wine is usually made with glass bottles, which is much better than the aluminum bottles used often with beer. 

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    It all depends.  The production of wine and beer is very water intensive 300 liters of water for one pint of beer and 130 liters for one glass of wine! And the process is usually pesticide intensive too. There are increasingly more organic beers and wines to choose from.  It also matters where the beer or wine is coming from, as with all things, the more local the better.  Take into consideration what you will do with the empty bottles or cans, are wine bottles recyclable in your area? 

    As you can see there are a lot of factors that would determine how eco-friendly a wine or beer is.  It is a personal choice and you would need to decide which factor is most important.

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    Because aluminum cans are usually more accepted in recycling centers, one could argue that beer leaves less of an impact on the environment (at least from the recycling/reusing end).  However, there are ways to reuse wine bottles.  One way is by turning it into a drinking glass – see the link below for more information on how to do so.

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    Both can be harmful to the environment if the bottles or cans are not properly disposed of. If you are looking for beverages that are more eco friendly you can try buying from local brewing companies and wineries. Here are some helpful hits on “green” consuming:

    Here are some links that I found that will connect you to different eco friendly brands:

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