Is beef the worst meat for the environment?



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         A recent study done for the British government showed that red meat (i.e. beef, lamb, goat, and bison) is the worst kind of meat for the environment, and beef is the most harmful of the red meats. Cows and sheep eat more than other kinds of livestock, which means they also produce more waste. They take more time to reach market weight than pigs or chickens, and don’t reproduce as fast.

         Pigs were found to have less of an impact than cows, and chicken and turkey were found to be the meats with the least environmental impact.

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    The ranching of cattle for beef is destructive to the environment. However, this is a better alternative than hunting or fishing endangered species to be eaten by humans. Many animals, especially fish and other animals that we eat as seafood are very endangered. These meats should be avoided to help preserve what is left of their populations.

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