To become an IT engineer which field on my plus 2 level(Grade 11) is better Science or Management?

I have been studying grade 11 and in Science Stream with Physics Group. And people have said that if you wanted to go in IT sector why did’nt you just go in Management Stream why go in a hard way. So, Plz help me !! And answer my question.



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    I’m not familiar with your school system, and I can’t find more information just by checking the terms you use, but you’re not going to be able to go into IT engineering without some sort of training in engineering. Science, for sure, seems like a better bet for developing that expertise. That said, management skills can be important for engineers looking to advance, but I think that people advising you to go into management might be mistaking your desire to be an IT engineer with a desire to be successful in the IT sector as a whole.

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