Because weather is so unpredictable is it a bad idea to try and use it to prove or disprove climate change?



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    It’s not a matter of trying, extreme and unpredictable weather is an argument for climate change.  What many people still don’t realize is that global warming doesn’t necessarily mean continually increasing temperatures.  Just a one degree increase overall can make for catastrophic effects.  Global warming produces more extremes in weather, and that includes extreme cold, wind, tornadoes, and storms.  Once that is made clear to the general public, I think the connection between our chaotic weather of late and the impending crisis will be more clear. 

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    There is a difference between weather and climate. Weather, as you point out, is often unpredictable; climate, by contrast, isn’t. Weather is what it’s doing right now outside your window and what it will be doing tomorrow. Climate is the bigger picture, the overall trends of the Earth’s atmosphere and related systems. I think that pointing to individual weather events as indicators of climate change promotes the wrong impression of what climate change actually is. Imagine, for instance, that a bank robbery has occurred on a winter’s day and the police find the robber’s footprints in the snow leading away from the bank. Focusing on weather as proof of climate change is like pointing at the footprints as proof of the bank robbery. While the footprints themselves are evidence that the robbery occurred and the culprit fled, they are only a small part of the larger picture, which is what happened in the bank and the aftermath of the robbery. Also, focusing on weather events as opposed to climate trends opens the door to the very silly argument often used by global warming deniers to try to “disprove” climate change by saying, “Look at that huge blizzard we had last week” or “this has been the coldest winter in Our Town since 1952, global warming must not be happening!” So generally, while weather and especially severe and unusual weather events (including blizzards and cold snaps) are related to climate change, I think it’s more important to focus on climate as opposed to weather.

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    Climate is just weather averaged of a long period of time.

    Are the Yankees having a good season (Climate), even if they lost a game or two? Did the Yankees win the last game (Weather)?

    That simple.

    Yes, all weather data should go into determining whether the climate is changing or not.

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