Because cotton comes from the earth and it takes so much water to grow it, would it be better to wear synthetic fabrics?



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    In terms of sustainability, no. Producing synthetic fabric creates a lot of pollution and still uses water and other resources. If you want a fabric with very little environmental impact I recommend hemp. Hemp takes very little water to grow, can grow in marginal land, and is generally cheaper than cotton with a better per acre yield of fiber.

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    The answer is not as simple as it would seem. Sustainability and environmental friendliness of the clothing
    industry depends on the entire life cycle of the garment. The entire process needs to be taken into account before wide assumptions are made. Natural fabrics are more harmful to the immediate environment (meaning the water and soil) while synthetics take a larger toll on the air and non-renewable resources. In reality, no single fabric is the best for the environment. But the newest trends in green manufacturing and materials are in bamboo and hemp.

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