Is bathing and showering in hot water bad for you?



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    Bathing and showering in hot water can lead to dry, itchy skin, depending on a person’s skin type.  It has been known, though, that bathing in hot water can actually increase one’s focus, as well as tolerance, and open up blocked pores. 

    Pregnant women should be careful and take precautions when bathing in a hot tub, as a body heat about 101 degrees can raise health concerns, and birth defects are more prevalent in babies whose mothers had high temperatures in their first trimester.  

    Some environmentalists promote the idea of taking a quick, cold shower with a friend, as this saves both water and the energy required to heat water. 

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    Environmentally speaking, there are ways to save energy and water when showering.  Firstly, one does not need to use shampoo on a daily basis. Secondly, when waiting for the shower to warm up, you can collect the cold water to be used for a different chore or activity. And lastly, everyone can save a flush of the toilet by actualyl urinating in the shower. It is sterile and non toxic, and thus healthy.  And it saves water.

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