Is barefoot running catching on?

I own a unique woodlot where I would like to develop barefoot running trails. I like the idea of low impact on the forest but also provide an opportunity for people young and old to get off the streets and into the woods. I’ve read lots on it including Ethiopian Abebe Bakila’s great run in the 1960 Olympics to capture gold. Barefoot. I see lots of chapters in US for the Barefoot Runners Society but wonder how we’re doing on this in Canada. I can look up lots of websites but would particularly like to hear personal stories. Thanks folks. Lois



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    Yes, I believe barefoot running is catching on.  My uncle is an elementary school P.E. teacher who has been running marathons as long as I can remember.  About two years ago he began the switch to barefoot running after talking to other runners who recommended it to him.  After about a year of barefoot running, he stopped seeing a chiropractor because he was no longer having back problems.  Although, to avoid cutting his feet up, he now uses very lightweight shoes that simply protect his feet but offer no support.  If anything should be an indicator of the popularity of a sport, you should look into the development and success of that sport’s equipment.  Barefoot running shoes (I realize this title is illogical) have gained significant popularity and are continuing to grow in numbers.

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    Yes, in the last few years there have been news stories about a native tribe in Mexico that is famous for being excellent runners. They run with very thin shoes if any at all. After winning several races in America, people took notice.

    Although it’s unlikely that this tribe is what started a nation wide movement, it did bring more attention to this idea. Even Nike has created a shoe to simulate running barefoot called the Nike Free.

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    Barefoot running has been gaining in popularity because of the freedom it offers athletes. Another shoe that was manufactured to recreate the feeling of running barefoot is the Vibram FiveFingers shoe, which allows the foot to move more freely without the restrictions of ordinary running shoes. The FiveFingers shoe would be a safter alternative to running barefoot because it provides the sole of the foot with protection.

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    Barefoot running is a great cross-training activity for actual running; it strengthens the arches and calves. However, be careful about how much you do too soon; like with any kind of running, work your way into it, and don’t make it your entire run. My college coach suggested to us that we add maybe 10minutes of barefoot running to our cool-downs after work-outs. I tend to do it after races or in the early morning before a long run.

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    The actual Vibram Five Fingers barefoot running shoes have been around for some time now but have already been steadily increasing in recognition especially these last couple of months. The 5 Fingers shoes really are a completely new style associated with shoe that looks unlike anything else available on the market.

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