Is bang maps or Google maps more efficient?



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    That really depends on how you measure efficiency. I am assuming you meant “Bing” maps, since I can’t seem to locate a “Bang” maps anywhere. Assuming you are taliking about speed, I ran a few tests on my machine (completely unscientific, but the best I can do under the circumstances). I tested with two different browsers (Firefox and Google Chrome), both running on a Linux system (Ubuntu 10.04). My network is a wifi connection. I have two windows open, one with GoogleMaps and one with Bing. I used two different addresses, one in Texas and one in California. Both systems seemed to return resuls almost simultaneously. The only real difference is that the GoogleMaps page took a little longer to initially load. The page displayed quickly, but both browsers seemed to report that the Google page was constantly loading, even though the image was already there.

    As far as getting a map from an address, they appear to return results almost simultaneously. I would say it’s a draw.

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