Is the band U2 trying to help the environment?



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    Yes, U2’S Bono is an active environmentalist. Bono’s environmental work includes creating clothing line in 2005, EDUN, which works in developing countries to create sustainable business models, provide fair wages, practice good business ethics, without burdening the local environment. He also participated in a tree planting ceremony in Tokyo Bay, Japan, in 2008, where efforts are being taken to turn a landfill into an 88 hectare forest. Bono has also been active in the Greenpeace community since 1993 when his entire band participated in a protest against a nuclear power plant, Sellafield, in England. And of course, Bono is self-reported avid recycler and drives a car which runs on ethanol instead of gasoline.

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    This is a bit of a contentious issue, as U2 have been called hypocrites for talking about environmental issues but circling the globe on mammoth tours.  Obviously, the carbon footprint of flying isn’t the best thing for the earth, but it is necessary to get to their fans around the world.  What isn’t necessary is a 150-foot stage and 360-degree 14,000 square-foot screen, all of which took 189 trucks to pull across Europe.

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