Is bamboo the only sustainable type of tree?



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    Depending I suppose on your precise definition of “sustainable,” any plant could be sustainable with proper practices.

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    Yes.  Bamboo consumes carbon dioxide at rapid rates while growing and carbon dioxide is the major contributor to global warming. The growing process of bamboo does not require the use of pesticides, and fertilizers used are often organic. The typical tree used in standard wooden fencing can take over 30 years or more to re-grow, with a harvesting cycle that produces less oxygen, consumes less carbon dioxide, and produces more run-off than bamboo.

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    Like rigibson said, anything can be grown sustainably. Sustainable farming practices are those that ensure the supply of the good being grown can continue on to be used by future generations. Sustainable farmers do this by replenishing the resources they use and farming in such a way that the air, water, and soil are protected and kept healthy. They also seek to protect biodiversity to encourage the proliferation of many different species.

    Also, bamboo is actually a type of grass, not a tree! It is actually because of this that it is able to grow so well.

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