Is bamboo a green material to make furniture out of?



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    Of course!  I have a table that is made out of bamboo and is great!  Bamboo can also be used to make green clothing and textiles. The reason bamboo is a good green construct element is because it lessens the impact of rain forest destruction and the lessening of trees within the environment.  I would highly suggest utilizing bamboo as a product to decrease rainforest destruction and also build structurally sound furniture!

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    Yes, Bamboo is considered green and a good alternative to wood for building furniture. Bamboo is a natural fiber that grows very quickly and is considered renewable. It also does not require pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals to grow and is a very hardy building material. Aside from furniture, Bamboo is also used for other clothing, housing materials, and various items.


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    Bamboo is great for furniture because, as a grass, it grows very quickly and is sturdy, but less green for clothing.  To get fibers that are comfortable to wear there are some chemical treatments that are required.  Chemicals like sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide are required along with bleaching steps to get the bamboo into the correct texture for spinning and weaving into a fabric.

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    Keep in mind though that bamboo, if grown in Asia, has to be shipped overseas to reach us.  This adds to its carbon footprint.  If you have the opportunity, consider sustainably harvested wood grown as close to you as possible. 

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