Is the Bamboo Bottle a good choice for a reusable water bottle?



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    In my humble opinion, the Bamboo Bottle is a good choice for a reusable water bottle. All parts are recyclable, despite the fact that it can be used for a long time before having to be dispensed. You can clean the parts (it is parts glass, plastic and you guessed it bamboo) in either the microwave or the dishwasher. It retails at $25, but if it is used as a primary water bottle it will certainly be a good value.

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    The bamboo water bottle does, in fact, seem to be an excellent choice for a reusable water bottle.  Consideration seems to have been taken on the design to ensure the safety of both the consumer and our planet.  The glass core of the bottle is there to ensure a crisp and unaltered flavor from whatever beverage, hot or cold, is stored in the bottle while protecting from nasty contaminants, such as BPAs.  The bamboo shell provides for remarkable durability and is an excellent ecological choice of materials.  Bamboo grows incredibly quickly, is stronger than some steel alloys, and produces 35% more oxygen then normal timber.  One square hectare of bamboo can be used to sink 62 tons of carbon in a year.  All in all, it seems like a very wise choice.

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    The bamboo bottle appears to be a great choice. Bamboo replenishes the environment by cleaning the air that we breathe, it releases 35% more oxygen than trees. Bamboo does not cause topsoil erosion or run off. So by supporting this product your supporting the Earth!

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