Bad things About Prada



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    If you are asking what negative effects Prada brand has on the environment, I will submit the first thing that comes to mind, which is that high fashion does not often encourage environmental responsibility. Fashion changes yearly, so people end up buying an item that serves a simple function brand new every year, a wasteful and unnecessary habit in itself. Having it shipped all the way from Italy and through distributors wastes fossil fuels for the purpose of showing off wealth I consider a bad thing about Prada.

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    In addition the extesnive answer above, Prada’s run-ins with PETA are worth mentioning. As with most of the major fashion houses, PETA has been outwardly critical of the label:

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    I agree with the others that Prada is mostly bad, but even Prada is jumping on the environmental band wagon with designer resusable shopping bags.

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