With backing from larger corporations do you think that Prop 23 will be fairly easy to get passed?



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    That’s a good question, Josie7 – and the truth is there are large companies on both sides of this issue.  The oil corporations pushing to pass Prop 23 certainly have a lot of influence, but so do Google and the other green-minded companies trying to stop this ballot measure from freezing California’s climate law.  And while Prop 23’s backers are based in Texas, most of its opponents actually have headquarters in California, giving them a certain amount of extra credibility.  I think it will all come down to whether companies like Google can convince voters that climate legislation is important to California’s economy.  That may be the only way to save the climate bill that Prop 23 would overturn, and preserve green jobs in California.

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    I completely agree with nickengelfried. It is very hard to say based on the huge corporations backing both sides. However, I do think that the American public is beginning to recorgnize the importance of their green policies. Hopefully each voter will weigh their options carefully and see what agenda and why corporations like the oil corporations are pushing to pass Prop 23.

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