Is the Aye-Aye really a close relative of humans?



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    All primates are closely related to humans, but the aye-aye does not appear to be any more closely related than are the great apes. However, the aye-aye has many distinguishing characteristics that separate it from other lemurs, most significantly an elongated middle finger that moves independently of the other digits. The aye-aye uses this to tap wood for insects, probing for and removing insects it finds, drinking water, and grooming. Additionally the aye-aye has different teeth, a third eyelid, nipples located near its groin, and continually growing incisors. The aye-aye does have unusually large hands and brain, and is also the largest noctural primate, which may make it appear to be more closely related to humans.

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    Close, but not too close.  The Aye-Aye is a member of the primate Suborder Strepsirhini, while we are in the Suborder Haplorhini, along with monkeys, chimps, and gorillas.  So, while the Aye-Aye is a closer relative to us than, say, a cat, ultimately we have closer relatives. 

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