Is the average life expectancy for Americans decreasing?



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    While the overall life expectancy is increasing in America, there are pockets that experiencing a decrease in life expectancy.  The disparities that exist between race, income and sex are increasing.  Some of the data suggests that life expectancy in some parts of the US have been declining for two decades.  The Deep South, the Mississippi River Valley, and Appalachia experienced the worst downward swings in life expectantcy.

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    No, for several decades now, American life expectancy has been on the rise and just recently cracked 78 years old. This is chiefly due to our better medical care, but also, reductions in untimely deaths from disease, accident, etc. have all been dropping as well, which has helped increase life expectancy. Though we might live longer now than a century ago, our diets probably make us far less healthy.

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