Is Avatar an environmental movie?



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    Yes!  It advocates the preservation of natural areas, and makes those who conserve and protect nature the heroes of the story, while those who seek to mine for mineral resources are the villains.  James Cameron has even stated that he intended it to be an environmentalist movie.  You can read more about what he said in the first citation.  I think it’s important to note that there are a few controversies about racial portrayals in the movie and potential racism in general, so I included an article about that in the second citation.

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    Yes, there are many congruences between the war on Pandora and the war in Iraq as well. In both situations, Americans are trying to mine a valuable resource which sits underneath land with indigenous people that we do not understand and who are generally hostile towards us. Avatar does advocate environmentalism, but it also shows the ugly, profitable side of natural resource extraction. 

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    I would say no.  Yes the movie has a huge environmental message, but I believe it is more about respect for life in general.  The movie emphasized the importance of human life, plant life, the natives lives (which could symbolize things as well as be a reference to how Americans treated the Native Americans), and even a deep respect for a spiritual aspect as well. 

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