is an automobile a frame structure



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    But often when the term “frame structure” is used, what is meant is “the frame of something that is a structure”. That is to say, of buildings. In a building structure they are fairly specific about which pieces are part of the “structural frame”. For example, the columns and beams that are anchored in a foundation are all part of the structural frame. The floor is not.

    Clearly an automobile is not a structure in the sense of a building. However the term “structural frame” of a car is very often used in automotive engineering, and it has a somewhat similar meaning to a building frame. That is, the basic concept is the same in that a frame is what everything else hangs off of, so to speak.

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    I would say that a car has a frame structure within it, as do most constructed things. On the assembly line, a metal frame that forms the vehicle’s general shape is constructed, and is the source of the car’s structural stability. As the frame moves down the line, all the other major components that form the car’s exterior are welded or attached to it, and creates the overall car form. You can think of the frame as the car’s skeleton, which holds the general shape and size of the car, and the interior components are like its organs.

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