Is Australia helping the environment at all?



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    Yes, Australia is, but seemingly not to the extent that other nations are. I am sure they are still far superior to the United States and China. According to the OECD Environmental Performance review:

    “In the past ten years, Australia’s economy has grown faster than the OECD average. Pressures on the environment and natural resources from agriculture, manufacturing, the energy sector, transport and mining continue to grow, constituting a major challenge for Australia.”

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    Thank you for asking this question.  I do believe Australia is making efforts to help the environment.  As mentioned in the article linked below, Australia has lauched it’s efforts for a second solar city.  The nation is aiming to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging eco-friendly energy alternatives. 

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    Yes! They’re very environmentally conscious, in fact, I was discussing eco-friendliness a couple of days ago with my uncles’ wives, who’re both from Australia. They both have very low energy bills, and say that recycling there is very big. I know that Australia uses a lot of wind turbines, as it’s very flat in some areas, and very windy. Just check the links for more info!

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    Yes, though Australia, and everyone else, could be doing more.

    All I did was type into Google “Sustainable Australia” and found an Ecodirectory for organic, eco-friendly, and natural Australian products, information, and services. In addition, I found out that Australia has a Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population, and Communities. One of its recent programs has seized “400 alleged illegal wildlife products.” Click the citation to see more information.

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