Is an aspirin a day good for you?



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    Taking aspirin every day can help those at risk for heart attack or stroke.  One should of course consult their doctor before beginning this medication treatment.  If a person has already had a stroke or heart attack, one aspirin a day can help prevent a second one.  As with most medication, one must weigh the benefits of taking aspirin regularly–decreased chance of stroke/heart attack–against the potential hazards, such as stomach bleeding.

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    In some cases, yes.  Doctors frequently recommend an aspirin a day for people at risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.  However, the way in which aspirin does this is by interfering with the clotting action of your platelets, which means your blood is less able to clot.  While this is a good thing if you are at risk of heart attack, it’s not so good if you’re at risk of excessive bleeding.  Aspirin can cause or exacerbate stomach bleeding (ulcer) and may cause hemorrhagic stroke (a kind of stroke caused by bleeding, rather than clotting).

    There are other natural methods of reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke, such as excercising, eating right and cutting back on smoking and drinking.  Aspirin should really only be used when these methods fail.

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    An aspirin regimen can be beneficial for those at risk of having a stroke. However, you should absolutely discuss it with your doctor first and not make any changes—like stopping the regimen—without consulting him or her as well. Suddenly stopping an aspirin regimen can actually cause a rebound effect and triple a person’s chances of having a stroke in one month’s time.

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