Is asphalt expensive to maintain?



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    Asphalt contains some somewhat fluid components which are vulnerable to drying out. Repairing dried out asphalt is typically more expensive than preventing the drying out in the first place. Thus, asphalt should be “sealcoated” roughly every two years, depending on the harshness of the environment. Thus, maintenance is much less expensive than repair.

    You should use an eco-friendly sealcoat product, and it just so happens that there is such a product. Asphalt Sealcoating, Inc. offers “Safe Seal” which is actually designed for people living in Michigan, where the brutal winters can wreak havoc on asphalt. (

    Additionally, you may want to consider an eco-friendly asphalt. Bioasphalt is an alternative to traditional asphalt made from all renewable resources. Avello Bioenergy offers a bioasphalt product. ( Click on the “Our Products” link at the bottom right of their home page.

    When you are ready to sealcoat your asphalt or bioasphalt, check out the handy how-to video from at

    Hope this information helps.

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