Aside from the Venus flytrap, are there any other plants that eat meat?



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    Yes, there are a number of carnivorous plants, including pitcher plants and sundews. They tend to grow in places where there aren’t many nutrients in the soil, like bogs; they derive their nutrients from insect prey, but not their energy.

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    Here is a photo of a Venus flytrap, or Dionaea muscipula. The trap releases digestive juices and takes from 5 to 12 days to complete the process. The non-digestible part will remain in the trap and is usually blown out of the trap by wind or rain.


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    Another carnivorous plant is the bladderwort. These are aquatic plants that have little hairs that trigger their trap doors to open. They eat small marine animals like copepods. Other carnivorous plants are the predatory fungi and the protozoa-trapping flowering plant.

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    There are many types of carnivorous plants with different methods of consumption. The venus fly trap is a snap trap plant that works with hinged leaves. There are also:

    Pitfall Trap- Pitcher plants that are filled with digestive enzymes

    Flypaper- The plants have sticky surface that trap prey.

    There are many other types. Check out the link below for more!

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