Ashley finds a wallet on the floor at the store. She decides to turn in the wallet at the lost-and-found because she believes her parents will be proud of her for being honest. Ashley’s reasoning reflects the…….level of moral development

a) postconventional
b) preconventional
c) concrete
d) conventional



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    The answer is D: conventional.  In Ashley’s developing value system, she is not yet operating on a concept of compassion or consideration for other people’s welfare, and nor is she driven by any sense of a structure of karmic balance in the universe.  In weighing her decision, the value of the money in the wallet and the possessions she could secretly purchase with that money was outweighed by the greater satisfaction she could receive by earning a boost in her parents’ admiration and affection for her.  This scenario also speaks to Ashley’s socioeconomic position; if Ashley were in an impoverished environment, then the found wallet would be a means to attaining basic resources for survival.  Since Ashley is not lacking in any luxuries, her parents’ approval is naturally of greater benefit to her than the purchase of some frivolous item, especially when Ashley considers the complicated cycle of lies and evasions she would have to put effort into to keep the wallet and the resulting prize purchase a secret.

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