Is Arnica effective at reducing bruising and swelling?



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    Arnica has been used in the past by Native Americans for soothing and healing wounds, as well as reducing inflammation/swelling. I imagine it could still be used this way today. FYI: It was often placed externally on the site. 

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    Arnica, when used topically on bruised and swollen areas, appears to be fairly effective in helping these areas heal more quickly. Arnica stimulates the movement of white blood cells to the damaged area and also helps to remove damaged cells that cause bruising. Arnica also helps abate fluid buildup by encouraging fluid movement, helping to decrease swelling more quickly. If you are planning on using arnica on a bruised area, be certain not to apply it for extended periods of time, as it can caue itching and dry skin. Also, do not ingest arnica unless as prescribed by a doctor—it can lead to dizziness, shaking, vomiting and sometimes even death.

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