Are zoo’s a type of animal conservation?



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    no, not per se. Some zoos do a good job of creating environments where animals have proper social interaction with others and are given enough room to move around, but many zoos are not offering a good habitat.

    If an animal is in a cage, all that is preserved is the biology, not much better than keeping it alive on a ventilator… with no hope of a life outside the cage, what is conserved?

    Some conservation minded zoos and preserves are helping to protect and conserve species, but to answer the question I have to say no, in general that is not what zoos do.

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    Zoos can be a place where endangered species are bred, protected and rehabilitated, which is certainly a form of animal conservation.
    Zoos can connect people with animals and raise awareness about what animals are endangered and why. To me, the education component is more important than a zoo breeding a few animals.

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    Not in my opinion. While you could argue zoos represent a sanctuary from hunters and natural processes, I feel like zoos are more of a preservation effort. Preservation like pickling body parts. We’re essentially keeping the animals around for our own benefit, while the “conservation” bit is a bandaid on our conscience. Conservation for me personally is about saving ecosystems in their entirety, not removing bits of them to put on display.

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