Are yumberries real?



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    Yes! Yumberries, the fruit previously known as Yang-Mei, are a native berry of China. They have a sweet, tart flavor reminiscent of cranberries or pomegranates with a twist. They are a pitted fruit, with a stringy, pulpy fruit reminiscent of citrus. They’re very nutritious, being rich in antioxidants and containing vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and carotene.

    They have long been used in China for their medicinal purposes, which include strengthening eyesight, lowering cholesterol, fighting inflammation, and improving digestion.

    At the moment, Yumberries cannot be imported directly from China to the US because of pest concerns, but Yumberry juice has already found its way to our shores and on our grocery shelves. Try one of the new Yumberry smoothines at Jamba Juice to get a feel for the flavor — they’re delicious!

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