Are you a treehugger?



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    I agree with the above post.  Treehugger has developed such a negative connotation, as if a person who is a treehugger lives out in the forest and does nothing to contribute to society.  I care about the environment very much, and have felt that I have have done and continue to do my best to protect it, but I wouldn’t call myself a trehugger.  Labels in general are never conducive to a nonjudgmental society, so I’d rather not label anyone really.  

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    Well, I have hugged trees before, but it was with a bunch of friends and we were trying to see if we could as a team wrap our arms around an old-growth ponderosa pine. We couldn’t. I guess that makes me a failed tree-hugger?

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    Sure, I love trees! (And I have actually hugged one before, yes) It may be considered a negative term by some but I don’t find it offensive. 

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