Are you light or dark green?



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    Light green.

    It’s not easy, you know.

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    I think it’s important to do as much as we can, and not sweat if what we can do is less than our neighbor (or vice versa). Show me 50 vegans, and I can show you the same effect by having 100 people halve their animal product intake. Show me an expensive solar car, and I can show you hybrid cars rolling off the shelves. More green is always better, and we should set up commercial and social systems to reward those who are green champions, but it’s better to be halfway environmenatlly-friendly than none at all.

    Plus, I find light green a nicer color.

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    I don’t think that dark green-ness really has much to do with being better at being green than other people, as Kasey and John seem to be implying.  The term “dark green” often refers to the deep ecology movement, which is more about an earth-as-self-correcting-system view of the world than it is about what kind of eco-car you own.  I think that it is important to remember that being green involves ideology and world-view just as much as, if not more than, it involves being a conscious consumer. 

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    I was confused by this question until I stumbled upon a website that breaks down the “New Environmental Spectrum”:

    Light Green: these are people that focus on lifestyle, behavior and consumer choices as a means to achieve sustainability. They advocate strongly on an individual level, and believe that if people are taught they can make small simple changes to make a difference they will not only take these steps but also work towards larger and lasting change. 

    Bright Green: These are people who believe that sustainable innovation is the way to go, and that any vision of sustainability which does not include prosperity and well-being as a main component will not succeed. A green future that is also bright; these people focus on changing urban landscape, entrepreneurial and design skills, and innovation at every level. 

    Dark Green: This group of people focus on change at the community level, they are interested in pulling back from consumerism and industrialization and getting back into direct contact with land. They emphasize local and short supply chains. 

    Gray: These are people who deny that there a problem at all, or that anything needs to be done. 

    I think I am a mix of light and bright green, because I believe in taking small individual steps every day as well as taking daily responsibility for my effects on the environment- whether that be positive or negative. Urban planning for the future that includes green architecture, more efficient, eco-friendly public transportation, and that utilizes other sustainable systems interests and excites me. I do also take a few lessons from the dark green school of thought, like the emphasis on buying local products and trying to reduce my dependence on mass produced items. 

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