Are you greener than your best friend?




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    I definitely make a lot more effort to be environmentally conscious, but I hope I inspire my friend to do the same! I think I have helped her become better at purchasing local foods and thinking of creative ways to reuse items.

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    Yes, I think that overall I am greener than my best friend, but there are certain categories in which she is probably greener than me.  For example, she is much better at recycling, but probably consumes many more products than I do.  Other than that though, I would say that I make more of an effort than she does.

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    Considering my best friend doesn’t recycle, I would say yes!  (Although with my encouragement, she has adopted the practice.)

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    Most of my closest friends are somewhat environmentally conscious, but I would say on average I am definitely more green than most of them. I’m always the one picking up garbage at the park or re-sorting the recycle/trash bins at a party!

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    I’d actually say that my best friend is more green than I am! We’re both pretty eco-conscious, but she’s more heavily involved in activism. She promotes petitions for fair trade, volunteers at a local market project, and rides her bike almost everywhere.

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    I’m actually more green than all of my best friends combined!

    Some of them might half heartedly recycle, if it’s easy, or try to conserve water when they shower, but that’s the extent of it.  No one is quite as into it as I am.  I think I am making my fiance care more about the environment by educating him and showing him how passionate I am about it, though.

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