Are you in favor of having a green burial when you die?



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    Yes, I would be in favor of having a green burial when the time comes. I’ve always said to cremate me and let my ashes reunite with the earth. I think cremation is a more green way to enter the afterlife than being buried in a cemetery, mostly in the sense of saving land. Having a green burial just seems like a good idea because we spend our whole lives leaving our impact on the earth, so it would be nice to leave in a respectful manner.

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    Absolutely. I don’t want to go through the big fuss of a traditional funeral when I die. Think of all the cars! I don’t want some big elaborate ceremony, just something small and simple.

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    I am in favor of having something very simple and small, but I’m not so sure about cremation.  It’s probably something I need to think more about, but as of right now I think I would prefer to be buried.  I know it isn’t the greenest option, but something about cremation freaks me out.

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    Once when I was little I asked my mother if she wanted to be buried or cremated, and she said “I don’t want to be stuck in a dark box underground, I want my spirit to run free with the wind.” After going to traditional funerals with an open casket and viewing, I know being buried in this way is something I’d NEVER want for myself, it always feels so traumatizing and intense. I would want to be cremated and my ashes split between my loved ones for each of them to take somewhere beautiful and peaceful. This also cuts down on land usage; it does seem weird to me that even though there is such a high demand for available land, we are still using it to bury boxes of dead people. 

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