Are you afraid of spiders? What do you do if you see one in your house?



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    Personally, I’m not scared of them unless they are crawling on me and/or are really big. Even if they don’t bother me that much, my wife would get completely terrified if she sees one, so I try to get rid of them when finding them where I live. Sometimes I’ll catch them and release them outside, other times I’ll kill them.

    It is, however, one of the most common phobias – half the women and about 10% of men have mild or strong fear of spiders.

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      Thanks for your answer, cerberus. I know a lot of people are afraid of spiders, like you said, and I think I am curious though to find out whether these same statistics apply to people that use GreenAnswers. My hypothesis is that more people would not be afraid of spiders on here, since we are all something of environmental thinkers.

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    I’m afraid of them, but I let some of them stay in my house. Some spiders eat mosquitos (Evarcha culicivora), which is important in areas with mosquito problems. The ones I get rid of are the ones that wander down from the ceiling and don’t eat bugs. I hate the idea of eating one in my sleep! I once almost walking into a crab spider, they are huge and it scarred me for life!

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    I fear nothing.

    Live and let live.

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