Are yaks endangered?



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    Though domesticated Yaks are not currently threatened, wild Yaks are endangered. They were once abundant in the Tibetan region, but due to things like unregulated hunting, they are now only found in scattered herds throughout the more remote and inhospitable regions of Tibet.

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    Yaks are listed as endangered in Tibet and India. Their latest population estimate is 15,000. The largest reason for their decline is hunting by humans. Other threats include hybridization, competition with domestic Yaks, and habitat disturbance.  

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    According to the IUCN Redlist, the wild yak (Bos mutus) is a vulnerable, but not yet endangered, species, although it is listed as a protected animal in China. Its population is estimated to have declined by over 30% in the last three decades, probably because of poaching and loss of habitat. It is extinct in Nepal and Bhutan, where it once roamed wild.

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    Does everybody realize that humans are the cause of virtually every problem we face?

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    The wild yak is considered ‘vulnerable’ by the ICUN, though was considered ‘endangered’ before 1996. The population of the wild yak decreased 30% over the past 3 decades, thus the endangered status given to it in 1986.

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