Are worms an important part of a composting system?



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    You don’t NEED worms for your compost and you don’t need to buy a fancy worm composter if you don’t want to deal with worms. That being said they can help the composting process. To take advantage of worms for compost without buying them simply have your compost on the ground. The worms in the area will find their way themselves. You can do this by having your bin without a bottom, or you can drill holes in the bottom of your container.

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    Worms speed up the composting process. It is possible to compost without them, but they eat at least their own weight in a day, which is where the compost comes from.

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    They are not essential, but they certainly help. Worms help decompose organic material along with millions, perhaps billions of microscopic organisms and bacteria. The absence of worms in your compost pile certainly does not mean it won’t work, but adding a few good, healthy worms certainly can’t hurt.

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