Are worms good to have in your garden?



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    The creepy little crawlers known as earthworms are certainly a good asset to have in your garden. As worms move about through the soil, they create tunnels that allow air and moisture to pass through – creating a healthy environment for plants to grow. These tunnels help bacteria to break down organic matter in the soil, all awhile retaining water for plants. Earthworms also produce castings (or vermicompost), a form of excrement, which acts as a conditioner for the soil. The castings improve soil properties, such as porosity and moisture retention. Essentially, this all helps plants to grow and fights against unwanted pests.

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    Earthworms are excellent for your garden. They create tunnels in the ground and as they move, they plow the soil. This movement helps bring air and water to plant roots. Farmers and gardeners know the importance of plowing their soil, so having a natural plower on their property is a great advantage. A second benefit earthworms bring is their waste. Excrement from worms is filled with phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, and magnesium. These nutrients enrich the soil greatly.  

    Other worms, such as inch worms, cabbage worms, and tomato hornworms, are bad for your garden becasue they will eat the plants. 

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