Are wood iPod covers good for the environment because they’re not plastic, or bad because they’re wood?



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    These options both seem like they are negative for the environment. If you have an iPod cover that is made of fake wood that is synthetic I would support that more. Plastic, because it is bad for the environment is not something I would recommend and I certainly do not suggest a cover made of wood because it requires chopping down trees. I do not think that either option is good.

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    In the long run, it would be better to buy a wood cover.

    When you look at the life cycle of a product: where it come from, how it’s produce, how long it lasts, and where it goes when you’re done with it, wood comes out on top in almost all cases.

    Plastic may be more durable than wood in some cases, but in order to create it, non-renewable fossil fuels were used.

    Chopping down trees may seem like a bad thing, but many “green” products are made of wood from sustainable farms– that is, patches of woodland that are grown just to be chopped down, and then replenished.

    When you’re done with your ipod cover down the road, and you get rid of it, the wood (provided it’s not doused with too many chemicals) will break down considerably faster (by several thousand years) than that plastic… and that makes it a no-brainer to me. 🙂

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