Are wood blinds good to keep the heat out of my house?



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    Some wood blinds are produced to resist heat and moisture to refrain from damaging the product and your home. A particular set of wood blinds, called Faux Wood Blinds does protects your house and they are affordable. The painted finishes are environmentally sound and prevent any moisture from entering the product, causing them to crack.


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    First, I will have to correct the poster above and say that faux wood blinds are not actually wood blinds in the true sense (hence the “faux” meaning “fake”). They contain PVC or other plastics.

    Secondly, if the wood blinds don’t work out, I recommend blackout shades/pull-down shades. They come in a variety of materials (including canvass), and definitely can keep your house cool. I have them in my bedroom, and they help during my air conditioning-less summer days.

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    Honeycomb or cellular shades are excellent insulators against both heat and cold. A couple honeycomb shades have R-values of 3.41 and 3.59. Steve’s Blinds and Wallpaper now sells some eco-friendly versions of cellular shades.

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