Are women generally greener than men?



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    Generally? I would say that a lot of people feel inclined to say “yes” on this matter. Women are generally more associated with the green movement as far as marketing strategies and what not. There’s even a particular form of feminism which I’m apt to agree with, known as eco-feminism. This argues that men have been at the forefront of the destruction of our environment and that, had women been in charge, it could have been different. However, women, “generally,” are more apt to consume than men… there’s make-up, clothing, magazines, and so on and so forth… women buy more crap than men, period. However, and I’m willing to concede, women are more sensitive to the matter, that’s for sure. For more interesting information on this topic please refer to my second link below, the UNFPA’s state of the world population report…

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    Part of the problem is that being green is seen as unmanly, because it has all this sissy “caring about others” and “denying one’s wants for the greater good” stuff, which are considered very bad traits in men. Men are socialized not to understand and reach agreements, but make demands and force concessions from people. As a result, there are a lot of guys who want to be green but would be embarassed to be caught at it.

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