Are wisdom teeth bad for your health?



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    Wisdom teeth in and of themselves are no different from any other kind of tooth. The problem that most people have is that we simply don’t have space in our jaw for them any more. Through our evolution the human jaw has become thinner and shorter as our jaw muscles became smaller allowing our brain case more room to grow. In general this process has been very beneficial for our species but the side effect is that we no longer have room for all the teeth we inherited from our ancestors. When this happens your teeth may get impacted, our squeezed, and cause a great deal of pain. To compound this situation wisdom teeth sometimes grow in in the wrong direction further disturbing the rest of your dentition. That said some people’s wisdom teeth grow in with out any problems whatsoever, so just check with your dentist to see what your situation is.

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    Wisdom teeth are just like any molars, and in theory are no worse for you than any of your other teeth. Although common, not everyone gets or needs to have their wisdom teeth removed if they are grown in and completely functional. Many people do need or chose to have their teeth removed, however, and for many reasons. There may not be enough room in the mouth for them to grow into a normal position, and they then become impacted to the gum or bone instead. If they come in a little ways, cleaning could become very difficult. As a result, many people then experience painful inflammation and/or infection from bacteria. If wisdom teeth come in crooked, it can result in tooth decay, bone loss, loss of teeth, or may poke and cause a cut in the cheek. Wisdom teeth can negatively affect your health but they also may not; check with your dentist to determine the best plan for your situation.

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