Are wireless lights better for the environment than other types of lights?



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    Whether or not it’s wireless is probably a smaller factor than the type of light bulb and how bright it is. Wireless lights would mean that you don’t need wires but batteries are probably worse for the environment anyways.

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    That will depend on the type of bulb, and the electricity source or battery type. Using an LED light bulb is the most environmentally friendly source of powered light because of its efficiency and lack of hazardous chemicals.  So let’s say you’re using an LED light bulb in a wired lamp.  If your electricity comes from solar power, that will be more sustainable than from a coal plant.  If you’re using an LED bulb in a battery-powered lamp, using recyclable, rechargeable, lithium batteries will be more sustainable than disposable, alkaline batteries. 

    Consider too, that even if you use green batteries, you have to use electricity to recharge them.  In other words, the answer will greatly depend on the circumstances.


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