Are windmills hurting any animal species?



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    Yes, one of the largest downfalls of wind power is the number of birds which die in the blades each year. California is experiencing one of the largest cases of migratory bird deaths due to the windmills. In a period of two decades, tens of thousands of birds died in the blades of California windmills during migration. This figure includes golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, and burrowing owls. However, these windmills were also placed in a route of migration these birds take each year. Environmentalists and owners wonder if they were in a different location if the same issue would arise. Others point out that although windmills are killing birds, they are responsible for a mere one-tenth of a percent of the unnatural bird deaths caused each year in America. 

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    Unfortunately, wind turbines do pose a threat to birds (particularly large birds like eagles, falcons, geese, swans, etc.) and bats. However, I don’t believe entire species are endangered by them but that would depend on the placement of the windmills. According to this short article (pdf file), wind turbines are not to be built in sensitive areas like wetlands, near shorelines, on mountain ridges, and areas where low clouds may be present during migration periods.

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