Are wind turbines very expensive?



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    The cost of wind turbines varies depending on the size, shape, and location, among other factors. Commercial wind turbines cost between $1-2 million, but wind turbines for small farms or residences are significantly cheaper to build/install but cost more per kilowatt of energy produced. For a professionally constructed turbine, the average price of a kilowatt is between $2,800-$48,000. It’s also possible to make your own wind turbine for less than $200 using a kit that teaches you how. Building your own wind turbine can save you around $1,000 a year, according to this source.

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    Additionally, it costs roughly $.08 per kilowatt per hour to run wind turbines, which is less expensive than other sources of energy, such as solar power and the burning of natural gases.  It is more expensive than nuclear power, hydro power, and the burning of coal, however.  Given its status as a clean source of energy, it seems well worth the cost.

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