Are wind turbines or solar panels cheaper to make and buy?



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    When considering the cost put into wind turbines or solar panels, you always need to consider how much you are going to save after buying, installing, and using the turbine or panels in order to calculate the true cost.  For the majority of locations, wind is more inconsistent than sun, so ultimately most people will get more out of solar panels.   With that said there are both wind turbines and solar panel systems that cost $25,000 to purchase and install.   There are also solar panel systems that you can make yourself out of broken solar panels and batteries, though they usually do not produce as much as energy as the systems that cost $25000, though if you use less electricity you can get by.   One of the cheapest systems known was built and installed by the home owner for less than $700 and it’s efficient because he only uses it to power the lights and small appliances.   I have a friend who has virtually no money but an engineering degree who built and installed a wind turbine system with basically no money by gathering up used parts from scrap yards.  The system is used to power the lights and power tools and charge lap top computers on a farm property in Chile.  

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