Are wind farms more expensive to establish than fossil fuel plants?



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    I can’t find exact numbers, but wind production upfront would be more expensive because there are fewer existing wind farms, while there are many fossil fuel plants. However, I have found several sources that claim that the cost of power plant production is jumping ($1.83 billion according to a 2007 NY Times article) and that wind power production costs are declining (according to a 2010 article on a New Zealand business site). The only figures I could find were for a wind farm in New Zealand, which cost about 311 million in US dollars (400 million NZ dollars), and another for just over US$58 million ($75 million NZ dollars). The costs might be different in the US, and I understand that it might not be fair to compare a US construction with a New Zealand construction (land cost could be a big factor here) but there general idea that I get is that as far as start up construction costs go, wind power farms may be cheaper.

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