Are wind farms efficient in terms of energy production?



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    Wind turbines are very effecient for energy and effectiveness. assuming the turbines ar placed in an area that supplies a strong, near-constant wind stream.  From 1978 to 2002, the cost of wind turbines has plummeted from 1:00 kilowatt/haour to $0.025 kilowatt/hour. Plus, unlike solar energy where power is only charged when the sun is shining, wind farms can be a source of power, day or night.

    However, wind turbines are not effective for private moe use, as the average suburban/urban area may not have winds that can blow quick or often enough for the turbines to be cost-effective.


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    Yes, where there is wind, there is energy in terms of wind farms. However, without wind =  no energy..that is problematic.

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