Are white boxers real? And how did Taylor Swift become a star?



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    White boxers do exist (about 20% of boxers are white), but the white ‘color’ is a lack of pigmentation rather than their actual coat colour. Genetically, white boxers are either fawn or brindle but have a large portion (even 100%) of the base coat color obscured by white markings.

    When Tayloe Swift was 11 years old, she made her first trip to Nashville in hopes of , obtaining a record deal by distributing a demo tape of her singing with karaoke songs.  After given a copy to every record label in town, she was rejected.  Upon her return to Pennsylvania, she was asked to sing at the US Open Tennis Tournament, where her rendition of the national anthem received a great deal of attention.

    She was then asked to perform at the Bluebird Cafe, where she caught the attention of Scott Borchetta, was signed to Big Machine Records and the rest is history.

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    Taylor Swift’s appeal, to me, seems to be that she appeals to what teenage girls have in common — a fair amount of egoism, a desire to feel special, an impulse towards opacity, a desire to feel beautiful, and a tendency towards the cliche extremes of emotion.

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