Are whales friendly creatures?



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    Yes, whales are friendly creatures. Most species are herbivores and feed off plankton, so they do not pose shark-attack like threats. Whales are highly intelligent and social creatures, which explains why on whale watches they can tend to flock to the boat and swim all around it, investigating. Divers can swim with whales, and in some countries, swimming with whales is a tourist attraction. 

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    It depends on the species.  Killer whales aren’t that much of a threat to humans in the wild, although their name might suggest otherwise.  I would not count any cases in which whales have killed their trainers at theme parks or aquariums – they are wild animals that are being held against their will from their natural environment, so I can see how they might lash out unpredictably once in a while.  However, one type of whale that could be dangerous to humans is the Beluga whale.  Despite this, I would actually argue that humans are more dangerous to whales: many whale-eating nations such as Norway and Japan are hunting many of them into extinction.

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    To add on to edmccoy11’s answer, grey whales making their migratory route through the west coast of Mexico sometimes greet tourists on boats by allowing themselves to be touched, petted, and sometimes even kissed.  The pictures in the article cited below were taken in April at the San Ignacio lagoon, where the whales gather to breed and give birth.

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