Are we trying to help Haiti in an eco friendly way?



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    Because of the severity of the humanitarian crisis in Haiti, the workers there right now are doing their best just to keep the people alive. It is sad but true that the situation is almost too dire to conduct things in an eco-friendly manner. Ways that the workers can keep things green is to throw away all trash, and keep recyclables separate. Once the rebuilding of Haiti can begin, I would encourage the entire island country, one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere, to be completely sustainable and as green and eco-friendly as possible.

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    You can donate old, broken, or unused cell phones to a company called Recellular. They recycle the phones, create new ones, and sell them to developing countries. They money they make selling the phones goes directly to the Red Cross and Haiti relief.

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      I have heard mixed reviews about donating goods, is it better to just donate money so that the waste doesn’t have to get sorted out?

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    I think the priority right now is to get supplies to the Hatians.  While there are undoubtedly some people concerned with the “green-ness” of the relief efforts, there are basic human needs to be met.

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