Are we transforming the surface of the earth more than any other part of it?



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    No question. We have terraformed almost the whole of the planet’s crust in one way or another. The crust definitely wins because we have not done that much below the surface. The mantle which is just below the crust sees very little interaction; occasionally things below the surface may get drilled into but this is still negligible interaction when compared to do we do to the Earth’s surface.

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    The surface of the earth, or the crust is the shallowest layer of earth, and is where us humans live. One of our greatest feats is that we can transform our environment to suit our needs as we have done since we have existed. Through technological advances we are literally able to move mountains, mine for resources, and shape our land to for agricultural, commercial, or industrial needs. We have not even been able to drill past the earth’s crust. The deepest hole created by the Soviets was recorded at 40,226 feet – we cannot yet change other layers of the earth.

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    Without a doubt, the deepest we have ever even drilled is only 12,262 meters. In addition to that, below the crust of the earth is in constant molten flux, shifting and changing, there is not much that we could do to alter the inner parts of the earth.

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    We are definitely transforming the surface, as well as the atmosphere. It’s important to remember though that we aren’t really hurting the Earth, we are hurting ourselves. By changing the environment, we force it to respond in different ways that humans are not used to. Storms are increasing in quantity and intensity, and sea levels continue to rise. The human consequence is far greater than any damage we perceive we are having on the Earth.

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    The earth’s crust has been built on for a long time ever since there has been man, there has had to be a place for man to live. Thus we have definitely manipulated the surface of the earth more than any other part of the planet. As we continue to build bigger and bigger we will continue to add to the change.

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