Are we taking the right steps to grow in a green way from here on out?



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    I hope so. The media is doing a good job in getting people to think more environmentally conscious, which is changing the way people act in relation to the Earth. We still have a lot of work to do as far as changing the way we consume natural resources, for at this rate the Earth will not be able to sustain our lifestyle for more than 10,000 years. If we expect to survive for more than that, we will need to come up with ways to better manage the Earth’s ecosystems. The first thing though is mass education, which is happening, so I do think we can curve this insatiable appetite for consumer goods.

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    We’re definitely moving in the right direction but we can always do more.  Unfortunately because we have been living destructively for so many years and the topic of green living has only recently become a trend, there is a lot of destruction that has already been done and may be irreversible.  This just means that we have to work harder now and in the future.   

    One of the biggest things we need to change in order to be greener are our laws and regulations around things like emissions, fossil fuel use, recycling, and new production to name a few.

    In order to make these kinds of changes we have to talk to local, state, and federal governments.  Write to your congress people, start a petition about a cause you’re passionate about and send it in to your local government office or write to some of the big environmental players such as the World Wildlife Fund and Defenders of Wildlife to ask how you can get involved and do your part in their organization to help create change that will stick around and make a difference. 

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